Kingslize Pizza Adds Culinary Flair to Jumping Mechelen

This year, Jumping Mechelen is bringing something new to the table. In collaboration with Kingslize Pizza, a well-known brand in Mechelen, the event is adding an extra culinary dimension to Vlaanderens Kerstjumping. Visitors can enjoy delicious appetizers, pizzas, and desserts at various locations throughout the Nekkerhal, all carefully crafted by a Michelin-star chef.

Collaborating with Jumping Mechelen has been on the wish list of Omar Aberkane, the driving force behind Kingslize Pizza in the region, for a while now: “Kingslize Pizza is a household name in Mechelen, and we’ve worked hard for 18 years to establish that. As proud residents of this city, we are eager to associate our name with the finest local events, just as we do with KV Mechelen. This year, I took the initiative and reached out to the organizers of the Jumping Mechelen and we were on the same page immediatly.”

Together, they came up with a completely new concept for the event. Omar explains: “Four of our food trucks are scattered throughout the Nekkerhal. You choose a comfortable spot, order easily with your smartphone, and we bring your meal to you..”

And that meal promises to be a true taste sensation. Omar adds: “Our specialty pizzas were created by Michelin-star chef Axel Colonna-Cesari from Centpourcent. His unique pizza creations will undoubtedly surprise the visitors!

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