Equestrian Concept Store De Baian is Just the Beginning for Heidi Desmet and Stefaan Brauwers

When entrepreneurship and a deep passion for dressage come together, something special is born. All you have to do is visit the De Baian booth at Jumping Mechelen to witness it.

Owners Heidi Desmet and Stefaan Brauwers recently opened a beautiful concept store in Jabbeke, focusing specifically on dressage sports. But it doesn’t stop there: “It’s about much more than just equestrian clothing and accessories for us. We want to elevate the entire dressage experience.”

“We want to elevate the dressage experience”

Heidi and Stefaan were first introduced to dressage through their daughter Louise: “Finding beautiful competition clothing and accessories for her was often a challenge. That’s when we came up with the idea to start our own concept store, specializing in exclusive dressage attire and equipment.”

From riding boots to caps, neckties, tailcoats, and even handbags, jewelry, and ceramics, De Baian has it all. The focus is on renowned brands such as Vestrum, Animo, Goldberg, and l’Evoine, complemented by lesser-known quality labels. “We want to make our mark with collections that you can’t just find anywhere, but truly stand out. We even offer customization. At De Baian, you can fully personalize your gear and your horse’s equipment. Our approach is clearly appreciated, and we greatly value that.”

The success of De Baian in the current market is just the beginning. Looking ahead to the future, Heidi and Stefaan have bigger plans. “We see the store as a stepping stone to more,” they explain.

Soon, we will offer training packages that combine unique lessons with accommodation options and additional activities. Our goal is to develop De Baian into a comprehensive destination for dressage enthusiasts, where they can enjoy a complete experience surrounding this beautiful sport.”

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