Located at the top of the Christmas Arena, our VIP grandstand offers the perfect location to experience a unique event with friends or guests.

A combination of top sport and magical shows make Jumping Mechelen a real “must-see” for horse lovers, and you could experience all this while being spoiled with culinary delights from our partner Gourmet.

Our VIP will go on sale again this fall. First, we will give our regular visitors a chance to attend again. Then we will open the VIP to the new public.


A VIP table seats 6 people. You will enjoy this for 5 days, from December 26th to 30th 2023. Since our programme consists of two sessions per day, you can invite 12 guests every day: 6 for the day programme and 6 for the evening programme. You will also receive VIP Parking Pass (digital) for you and your guests. The VIP parking is located near the Nekkerhal.

During the first four days of the event, the menu is offered as standard during the evening session. On December 30th we serve lunch. This can of course be adjusted according to your wishes, in consultation with our caterer Gourmet Invent. You can always order extra à la carte.

Gold VIP Package

  • 26th to 30th December
  • Daily 6x 3-course menu including drinks (excl. spirits and champagne)
  • 5 Champagne bottles

Silver VIP Package

  • 26th to 30th December
  • 28t to 30th December 6x 3-course menu including drinks (excl. spirits and champagne)
  • 3 Champagne Bottles

Bronze VIP Package

  • 1 table per day (2 sessions)
  • 3-course menu including drinks (excl. spirits and champagne)

Copper VIP arrangement

  • 1 tabel per session of your choice
  • 3-course menu including drinks (excl. spirits and champagne)

VIP Terrace & Rooftop

The VIP area has 2 terraces (VIP terrace and Rooftop). These can accommodate 70 guests and are the perfect place to network. We can tailor this experience completely to your wishes.

  • 70 entrance tickets for the Terrace and the Hall

Various catering formulas can be agreed upon with Gourmet Invent.

  • All-in drinks
  • Walking dinner
  • Customized according to your wishes


Jumping Mechelen is a cashless event. Companies with VIP or Business Seat tables can request their payment card in advance through our hospitality team.


Prefer a seat on our Business Seats?

Go for optimal comfort and fun!


Where horse fans celebrate the end of the year

Exciting top sport, spectacular shows, endless horse fun and abuzzing atmosphere! Come and enjoy an extra festive Nekkerhal between Christmas and New Year.



About 2 kilometers from the Nekkerhal is the historic city center of Mechelen, the ideal base for your visit to Jumping Mechelen.

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