Boyd Exell wins his fifth FEI Driving World Cup at Jumping Mechelen

There can only be one best, and in the driving competition, it’s often the same man. The current world champion, Boyd Exell, who rarely loses a competition, was once again unbeatable today.

Normally, I go on vacation and fly to Australia before returning to compete in Leipzig. But this year, I decided to come, and it turned out well, he said. Despite Exell’s almost constant winning, he remains down-to-earth as he prepares for the World Cup final. He said, “You’re only as good as your last competition. It always comes down to guiding your horses well, maintaining a strong pace, and so on. Bram, Dries, Koos… they are all fast too. So, as far as I’m concerned, everything is still possible.”

The fans didn’t just come to see the Belgians Glenn Geerts and Dries Degrieck at the Nekkerhal. People of all ages wanted to witness the Australian legend in action. “He’s extraordinary. Everything he does is so brilliant. His turns, his speed. He comes up with ways to navigate the course that no one else thinks of. He’s truly impressive.”

Driving is unquestionably one of the most spectacular equestrian sports. With loud music, lightning-fast rides, and enthusiastic fans, it’s a thrilling experience. However, the sport still remains relatively unknown. But the world champion has noticed that this is changing. Boyd Exell said, “Driving is the most fun you can have sitting down.” The audience was truly ecstatic today, and everyone is telling each other how much they enjoyed it. We can see that interest is on the rise. We have a tremendous number of followers on social media. We also have many fans who follow us in competitions. The stands were packed at the World Cup jumping event. There was slightly less attendance at the two-star event, but they all came back for the carriage driving competition. And that says it all.

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